Wear Heels Comfortably

Many ladies love donning a great pair of heels due to their enthralling style. These shoes make legs appear longer, body look slimmer and accentuate the whole outfit. Unfortunately, a good number of women have to bear with discomfort and pain when wearing these shoes. However, the sexy allure of heels seems too appealing to dissuade ladies from shunning them. Here are tips to help you wear these shoes comfortably.

Purchase Sexy Heels of the right size. To help you do this, measure your feet when buying shoes. Podiatrists claim that most peoples’ feet enlarge with age. Factors such as pregnancy can also result in larger feet. This makes it important to have your feet measured each time you purchase footwear.
After purchasing shoes of the right size and style, you could use some cushioning to enhance comfort. Most heels come with mediocre insoles which offer insufficient dampening in critical areas (such as the ball of the foot). You can add some cushioning using shoe pads/inserts which are available in most drugstores. When placed in the shoe, these reduce some of the pressure exerted on feet when standing/walking in heels.